Ancient Chinese torture

Ancient Chinese torture

A man goes on a date with a hot Chinese chick and crashes at her house, when her dad, Li Jie, says: “You can stay here for the night. Just one condition: don’t sleep with my virgin daughter or I will give you the 3 worst forms of Chinese torture”.

The man agrees, but he ends up sleeping with her anyway.

he wakes up to a large rock on his chest with a post it note on it saying “Chinese torture 1: large rock on chest.”

The man laughs and throws the rock out the window, when he hears a rope slipping and sees a sign at the other end of the room saying “Chinese torture 2: left testicle tied to rock”

The man sees the rope is about to become taut, and decides a few broken bones is better than castration. So he jumps out the window.

As he’s falling, he sees a sign on the ground:

“Chinese torture 3: right testicle tied to bedpost”


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