Famous Surgeon

Famous Surgeon

A famous surgeon is taking patients, one at a time.

First one comes in:

Doctor, I got a problem. I am a professional discus thrower, but recently I lost both my hands in car accident! Help me, Olympic games are just next month!

-Sorry to hear it, but we don’t have male hands right now, only female ones.

-Fine, female ones will do.

Surgeon sews him pair of female hands and patient leaves happy. Second patient comes in:

-Hello, Doctor. I am world’s best runner, but I recently lost my legs to shark attack. I need legs, cause Olympic games next month!

-We only got female legs now, no male ones.

-Any legs would do right now for me.

He sews him female legs and patient leaves.

Third patient comes in:

-Good morning, Doctor. I got a problem, you see, I am gigolo, and make money by pleasing women. But I lost my penis in some unfortunate event recently. I need it back!

-Unfortunately we ran out of penises. We only have elephant trunk left.

-Shit, okay, that should be better than nothing.

Surgeon attaches him a trunk and patient leaves.

One month later. Doctor sitting in his cabinet, someone knocks on the door and comes in. Turns out it’s first patient from month ago:

-Good day Doctor! I wanted to thank you for your surgery. Those hands – amazing! Threw discus further than anyone and got a gold. Though, there is one problem…


-Everytime I try to pee, hands grasp my penis and won’t let go until I cum.

Second patient comes in:

-Thank you!! Those legs you gave me, they must be from some sporty woman. I ran fastest among everyone and won a gold medal! But here’s an issue…


-Everytime I go to sleep, my legs raise up and go apart.

Third patient comes in:

-You are genius Doctor!. That trunk is pretty damn amazing in my job. But I got a problem…


-Everytime I sit to eat something, I try to grasp every food I can in 5 seconds, because whatever is left he grabs and shoves into my ass.


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