At the local mental asylum

At the local mental asylum

A new guy starts working at the local mental asylum.

After giving him some general indications, the director tells him to ask any question he may have.

-Yes, director, I have one. How do we know if a patient is cured and ready to leave the asylum?

-Well -says the director-, once per year, we gather some of them and ask them a question. If they answer it correctly, then they are cured and are free to go.

The director gathers three patients for a demonstration.

-So, resident 121, what is six times six?

-One thousand? -says the first one.

-Well no, that’s another year here for you.

The director proceeds to ask the second patient the same question.

-Well, the answer is February.

-My God… No, no it isn’t. You are staying here one more year.

Finally, the director asks the question to the third patient.

-What is six times six?

-Obviously it 36.

The director cheers the third patient and proceeds too comunicate the asylum staff he is ready to leave. The new guy asks the patient before he leaves:

-Good job answering correctly. How did you know it?

-Well, it was easy. I divided one hundred by August.


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