A British family adopt a German child

A British family adopt a German child

A young British couple unable to have children decide that they want to adopt a child. They go and meet a few babies before settling on a child left by a German family.

They love this child to bits and feel as if he is truly their child, the parents and their family marvel at how the child never cries – ever – it has never cried. The child has never made a single noise.

After the child turns 1 the parents begin to worry that he still hasn’t said a word. They understand kids develop differently and move on. On the child’s second birthday, the parents are seriously concerned that he still hasn’t said a single word. They take him to a doctor who is concerned too but informs the parents to wait until the child is 3 to consider any drastic approach.

As the third birthday approaches, the parents are getting extremely nervous – still the child has said nothing. They prepare and research the potential approaches to get him to speak.

Two weeks before his third birthday, they are sat down at the table together eating down. The child says to his mother “Please may you pass the salt.” Naturally the parents are stunned “What! You can speak!” they exclaim, “Why didn’t you say anything before?”

The child responds in his heavy German accent, “Up until this point, everything was satisfactory.”


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