Dad, can I take the car?

Dad, can I take the car?

A son goes up to his father, and just turning 16, asks him “Dad, can I take the car? I’d really like to take this girl on a date.” His father looks at him, and says “Son, if you want to take my car, there are three things I’m going to need from you. First is that you need to start helping your mother around the house. Not just what’s expected, but above and beyond. Second, start reading the Bible. I see the crap you continuously funnel into your brain, and you need to start reading something beneficial to yourself. Third, get a haircut. I’m tired of having a son that thinks he’s a rock star and that it’s cool to have long hair.” “Yes sir.” Is all that the son says, and moves along.

Over the course of the next week, the son starts doing what his father has asked of him, and feels as though he’s done a good job. So he once again goes up to his dad to ask about the car.

“Dad, do you have a second to talk about me taking the car out this weekend? I really want to take this girl out on a date.” He asks. His father replied “Son, your mom told me that there’s been some obvious changes with the way you help out around the house. Like how the other day, you cleaned out the garage without being asked. Good job on that. Also, the other night as I walked down the hallway, I noticed your lamp was on, so I peeked in and it looked to me as if you were reading the Bible.”

The son says, “Yes sir, I was…. So about the car?”

His father looks at him, then back down at the morning paper and simply replies “Haircut.”
The son, being too attached to his long locks, wracked his brain for a moment, then says “Well Dad, I’ve been thinking, after reading the Bible a bit, I’ve noticed that the apostles, and even Jesus himself had long hair.”

And without looking up, the father says, “Well yes son, that is true, but they also had to walk their asses everywhere.”


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