A noble goes hunting

A noble goes hunting

A noble goes hunting with his servant. They haven’t gotten far from house when noble realizes that ground is muddy and ruining his shoes.

He tells servant: “I’m going to wait here, run back to house and bring me my riding boots”.
Servant, seizing the moment, runs into house and into noble’s daughter’s bedroom.

“My lady, your father ordered me to make love to you”. Daughter agrees. When he’s done, servant runs to the wife of the noble.

“My apologies, but your husband ordered me to satisfy both you and your daughter. It’s your turn”.

Lady of the house doesn’t believe a word. So servant opens a window and yells to noble so everyone could hear:

“Did you say just one or both?”

“What the fuck is taking so long? You goddamn halfwit! Of course both!”


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