A-Hole with  a mustache

A-Hole with a mustache

At the height of WWII on the Eastern front, a high-level meeting takes place in the Kremlin between Stalin and the marshals on the situation on their respective fronts. When the meeting ends, Marshal Georgy Zhukov is the first one to step out. As he does so, he mutters under his breath “Fucking asshole with a mustache!” It just so happens that Stalin’s secretary, Alexander Poskrebyshev hears this. So being a loyal servant to the cause, he reports it to his boss. Stalin then orders Zhukov brought back.

Two minutes later, Zhukov is back in the room facing Stalin.
“Comrade Zhukov,” begins Stalin, “would you please repeat what you said when you left the room?”

“I said ‘fucking asshole with a mustache’ Comrade Stalin.”
“And who did you have in mind when you said it?”
“Why, Comrade Stalin, Hitler of course…”

Stalin then turns to Poskrebyshev,
“And you, Comrade Poskrebyshev, who did you have in mind when he said it?”


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