Atheist and holy man playing golf

An atheist and a holy man are playing golf. The atheist misses his first shot and curses.


The holy man winces. “I really don’t think you should say things like that.”

“Oh, stop being such a square,” says the atheist.

They keep playing, and a little later, the atheist misses another shot.

“God damn it, I missed again!”

The holy man tries to admonish the atheist again, but to no avail.

“God really doesn’t like people who speak against him, you know.”

But the atheist dismisses the holy man’s words, and the two keep playing.
Then, the atheist misses a third time.

“GOD DAMN IT! I missed again. And don’t you start about your God! Fuck God, anyway, he’s a piece of shit!”

And, at that moment, a bolt of lightning struck the holy man, and he fell dead on the spot.
Then, a voice spoke amid rolling thunder.

“Fuckin’ shitballs, I missed the Goddamn bastard.”


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