Pilot and copilot landing

Pilot and copilot landing

Pilot and copilot are getting ready to land. The pilot says, “I’ve heard this airport runway is pretty short so I may call for some extra flaps. The copilot acknowledges. They break through the clouds and see the runway. The pilot says to the copilot, “yeah, that’s a pretty short runway. Give me quarter flaps. Copilot adds quarter flaps.

They get closer. The pilot says, “Damn, this runway’s is pretty short. Give me half flaps. Copilot looking a bit nervous gives him half flaps.

The pilot now is getting pretty nervous, “crap that’s a short runway, give me three quarter flaps!” The copilot starting to sweat gives me three quarter flaps.

They’re about to touch down. The pilot yells, “holy crap this is a short runway! Give me full flaps!” The copilot panicking gives him full flaps. They touch down apply full brakes and reversers and somehow manage to stop the plane. After they come to a halt, the pilot wipes his brow and says, “damn! That was the shortest runway I’ve ever landed on!”

The copilot looks around and says, “yeah, but sure is wide”.


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