Simon and Christian in the lagoon

Simon and Christian in the lagoon

Simon the prawn is sick of being chased by the other creatures in the lagoon.

He prays to god to make him into a fierce shark and turn the tables on his enemies.
The next day simon has been turned into a Great white shark and has great fun chasing all his enemies round, but soon starts to enjoy bullying all the other creatures too.

After a few days the novelty wears off and he’s bored and alone, with all his mates afraid and cowering under rocks or hiding in the weed.

That night he prays to god to transform him back to how he was.

The next day he’s back to his old self he goes round to see his friend Christian the shrimp and shouts “are you playing out christian?” Christian shouts “fuck off Simon you’ll eat me if I come out.”

Simon shouts back “you don’t understand I’ve changed, I’m a Prawn Again Christian!”


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