A Swedish immigrant finally arrives at Ellis Island

A Swedish immigrant finally arrives at Ellis Island

My (Swedish) grandfather told me this joke

A Swedish immigrant finally arrives at Ellis Island after days at sea, and with only $15 in his pocket. He’s eager to get a job, find a place to live, and start his new life in America, but after such a long and hard journey, his first stop is to get a drink to unwind!
He walks into the first pub he sees and is greeted by the bartender. The bartender says, “Hey there, what can I do you for?”

The Swede, eager to take his English for a spin in this new country, orders his favorite drink: “I’ll take a yin, please!”

The bartender grows visibly upset. “Yin? Yin?! What the hell is that? You’re another one o’ them lousy immigrants coming through that don’t know no good English. Get outta here and don’t come back till you can order a drink proper!”

The Swede leaves, feeling distraught, and instead finds work and lodging, putting the drink aside for now. Every night when he returns home from work, he practices his English in the mirror.

“Yin. Yin. Yyy…inn. Jyinn. Jjjiiinn. Gyiin. Giin. Gin. Gin! Gin! GIN!”

After weeks of practice, he’s ready. The Swede goes back to that same bar he entered when he first arrived in America. The bar tender recognizes him immediately. “Hey, it’s you again!” he yells. “I thought I told you to–”
But the Swede raises a hand and calmly interrupts. “Yes, I know. I would like to order a gin, please.”
The bar tender is speechless! A smile grows on his face, and he says, “well, would you look at that? You’ve learned quite a bit! Alright, I’ll get you that gin, sure thing. What would you like it with?”
The Swede answers, “yinyerale!”


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