A Jewish boy is doing poorly in math

A Jewish boy is doing poorly in math

Young Jewish Dating boy is doing poorly in math. His parents are very concerned because they’re both good at mathematics and they feel like he needs to learn math in order to be successful in college. They do everything they can to try to interest him. They hire tutors, they promise him rewards, they praise him when he does something good in math but nothing seems to work: he keeps coming back home after each report card period with an F in mathematics.

The parents are at their wit’s end and don’t know what else to do so they finally decide to consult the rabbi. The parents go to the rabbi and say “oh wise Rabbi our son is doing poorly in mathematics. We know he has the ability but he’s just not applying himself what do we do?” Rabbi strokes his chin, is silent for a while and then he turns to the parents and says “I’m going to give you a solution but I have to warn you it’s going to be very unorthodox”. The parey look puzzled and so the rabbi continues. He says “if you want your son to excel in mathematics, enroll him a Catholic school. If you do that you’ll get better at math I guarantee.”

The parents are both surprised at the rabbi’s advice but they trust him and think he’s a wise man so they enroll their son in a Catholic school. The very first day after the son is in Catholic school he comes home and go straight to his room and does his mathematics homework all evening.

The next night the same thing happens and so on and so on and he comes home at the end of the report card period eith an A in mathematics. The parents are beaming and delighted that the rabbi’s advice worked. Finally the mother asks the son “what is it that made you improve so much in mathematics? Was it the discipline at the Catholic School? The uniforms? Better teachers?” And the son said ‘No. The very first day I came in I saw that guy hanging on the plus sign I knew they meant business”


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