Slap your friend joke

Slap your friend joke

For a friend you want to bitch slap or anybody for this matter. Front hand or backhand, it’s your preference. You tell them if they want to hear a joke or if they have yet to hear it, the joke about a pimp and his THREE hoes. So it goes like this:

So their was a pimp walking down a block that he had THREE hoes working on. The THREE hoes were spread apart on the block. Each one of the THREE hoes had a corner of her own.

The pimp walks up to the first hoe and says “where’s my 150 dollars?”. The hoe then says “150? I only owe you 125 dollars”. The pimp then slaps her and tells her “bitch! Don’t correct me.” The hoe then gives the pimp all the money that she’s made.

The pimp now finds his way to his 2nd hoe and says “where’s my 175 dollars?”. The hoe says “175? I only owe you 150”. The pimp slaps the second hoe and tells her like he did the first “bitch! Don’t correct me.” He takes the money and moves on.

So now the pimp is at his THIRD hoe and yet again, demands his money. He tells the THIRD hoe “where’s my 200 dollars?” The hoe says “200 dollars? I only owe you 175.” Once again just like the others, he slaps his THIRD hoe and says “bitch! Don’t correct me”. Collects his money and keeps it moving.

So now the pimp finds his way to his 4th hoe……

Now if and when the person your telling the joke to says some thing like “but wait. I thought you said he only had 3 hoes” then this is where you slap the taste out of their mouth and tell them “bitch! Don’t correct me”


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