Asked if I could loan her $500

Asked if I could loan her $500

My friend just phoned and asked me if I could loan her $500 to help her pay her rent… And you know me always willing to help my friends and family out… I told her…”give me a minute let me check my account and I’ll phone u right back.”

Before I could check my account my friend’s mom phones and says, “Don’t give her any money because she’s lying.” Mom proceeds to tell me that she wants to use that $500 to get her boyfriend out of jail because she wants to be under the same roof with him for her birthday!!!

So I thought about it for a minute, and decided to go ahead and give her the $500 cuz we all need help at times… So I phoned her back and said, “yea, I can help you” and met her and gave her an envelope of cash.

A couple hours later, I got a call from the County Jail, I say hello and she starts screaming and asking, “Why did you give me counterfeit money?!”
I replied: ” so you and your boyfriend would be under the same roof for your birthday!!!”


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