A woman ordered a dildo on Amazon

A woman ordered a dildo on Amazon

A woman ordered a dildo on Amazon and it finally arrived and she couldn’t wait to use it.

It was called The Magic Dildo. The instructions said that all you have to do is say “Magic dildo my vagina” and then it will do its thing.

So she eagerly said “Magic dildo my vagina” and sure enough the dildo floated in the air and flew up her skirt and started giving her pleasure.

It was so good that she started screaming and moaning making a bunch of noise.

That’s when her neighbor in the apartment complex started banging on her door wondering what was going on.

He said “Are you OK in there.” she came to the door and said “Yes I’m sorry, I apologize it was my magic dildo. I’ll keep it down.”

The neighbor man said “Yeah right lady there’s no such thing.” “Magic dildo my ass.”


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