Two little martians

Two little martians

These two little martians land at a closed gas station in a small town in the middle of the night. The two little martians come out of their flying saucer and walk up to the gas pump and say “take me to your leader”. Well of course the gas pump doesn’t say anything and the little martian says it again “take me to your leader”. And the gas pump doesn’t respond again. Now the little martian is getting pretty mad and says again “take me to your leader” or I’ll zap you with my ray gun.

So the gas pump doesn’t respond again, the little martian pulls out his ray gun and BBZZZZZZZZZZZ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM.
The two little martians come to about a block away one martian looks at the other and says “Harvey you should have known better, any guy that can take his peeker and wrap around himself two times and stick it in his ear has gotta be a mean S.O.B”.


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