A little boy with cussing problem

A little boy with cussing problem

A little boy was sitting on Santa’s lap in the mall and he told Santa, “I want a fuckin’ skateboard under my bed, a fuckin’ bike in the garage, and a fuckin’ train-set under the tree.”

Santa said, “OK,” and went over to the little boy’s parents. Santa told them, “If you really want to stop all that cussing, put a pile of dog shit everywhere he wants a present.”

So Christmas morning came around and the little boy looked under the bed, there was dog shit. He looked in the garage, dog shit. He looked under the tree, dog shit.
So later on, he’s walking down the street, pissed off with his hands in his pockets, and another kid runs up to him and says, “Hey, what did you get for Christmas?!”

The little boy replied, “I think I got a fuckin’ dog but I can’t find the damn thing.”


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