A horse and a pig

A horse and a pig

A horse and a pig are best friends. One day the horse got so sick that he couldn’t stand up anymore. The farmer called the vet who said: “If this horse doesn’t stand up in three days, you may put him down”.

After the farmer and the vet left, the pig ran to the horse and started talking to him.
Pig: Please stand up, I don’t want you to die!

But the horse was too sick and tired to listen.

On the second day the pig came back and said: Please stand up, think of all the beautiful memories we have !
But the horse was again too sick and tired to listen.

On the third day the pig came backs for the last time and said: This is your last chance to stand up. Please take this chance, I don’t want to be alone I will miss you too hard.

After hearing this, the horse used all his power to stand up. After a couple of tries, he could finally stand up again and started to feel better.

The farmer saw this all happening and yelled: “My favorite horse got healthy and alive! We must celebrate this with a luxurious meal.”

” Slaughter the pig!”


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