Little Benny was very sick

Little Benny was very sick

Little Benny was very sick, and the doctors had given up hope.

As a last present, his parents brought him to Arabia on a trip. While they were walking through a market, little Benny bought a lamp from a vendor.

When he arrived home, he rubbed the lamp to clean it, and, to his surprise, a genie popped out in a flash of light.

“What is it that you require?”, the genie boomed. “I just want to get better,” little Benny replied.
“Very well,” said the genie. “But on one condition: as per the custom of my people, you can never shave your face. If you do, you will be turned into a Persian urn.”

Little Benny eagerly agreed, and the genie disappeared. When little Benny went to the doctor again, he was shocked to see that Benny had completely recovered.

Years go by. Benny has grown up and gotten married. All this time, he had kept his word, and never shaven once. However, it was beginning to get to him. It was hard to sleep at night because of the heavy beard and the itching.

One night, he decides he has had enough and grabs a razor to shave. His wife tries to talk him out of it, but he doesn’t listen.

As soon as the razor cuts a single hair, he transforms into a large Persian urn.
The moral of the story? A Benny shaved is a Benny urned.


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