Caught two lobsters

Caught two lobsters

A Newfie had caught two lobsters and was walking home along the coast when a cop drove by and saw him. The cop pulled over and stopped the man.

“Sir, are you aware it’s not lobster season, and it’s illegal to fish lobsters?”

“Me son,” the Newfie said. “I didn’t fish ’em. Deez lobsters are me pets.”

“Sir, no one keeps lobsters as pets. I’ll have to issue a fine unless you can prove your claim.”

“Well, I’s had ’em since they was babes. Trained ’em meself, I did. I can lets ’em go play, and when I calls ’em they comes right back to me.”

The cop, disbelieving the man, allowed him to demonstrate. The Newfie put the lobsters on the sand and said “Go ‘n play, me b’ys”.

The lobsters immediately turned and crawled down into the water. Amazed, the cop blinked in amazement.
“That’s incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it! Now call them back.”

The Newfie turned with a sly smile and said, “Call what back?”


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