A German in a Bar

A German in a Bar

A German walks into a bar and orders a beer.
The bartender tells him : “20 euros!”
The German is shocked – “20 euros? yesterday it was only 3 euros !”
“Well, today it is 20 euros.”
– “But why 20, damn it?”
Bar tender : “I’ll explain it,
-3 euros is beer,
-3 to help Ukraine,
-4 assistance to European countries who have imposed sanctions and are not members of the EU.
-4 euros in aid to the UK, for successful implementation of sanctions against Russia.
-Then 3 euros are sent to the Balkan countries as aid to buy furnace coal.
– and finally, 3 euros for a gas subsidy for the EU and fund to help maintain sanctions!”
The German silently took out the money and gave the bartender 20 euros.
The bartender took them, entered in the cash register and gave him 3 euros back.
German in disbelief : “Wait, you said 20 euros, right ? I gave you 20, why are you giving me back 3 euros?”
“Ahh… We have no beer!”


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