Irishman is walking on a beach

Irishman is walking on a beach

An Irishman is walking on a beach when he stubs his toe on an old metal box. He opens the lid And a Genie pops out and praises him for letting him out after 500 years.

He offers him a wish… and the Irishman says… every evening after dinner when I pee, I want to pee the finest Irish Whiskey.

Done says the genie and vanishes in a flash.

That evening after dinner he puts two glasses on the table and proceeds to fill them with the whiskey.

He and his wife absolutely swear it’s the best whiskey they’ve ever drunk.

This continues for the entire week.

On that Friday the wife prepares dinner and after clearing the dishes, sees only one glass on the table.

She says Hon’ Where’s my glass?

Tonight – You drink from the bottle!


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