A single mother wakes up from a coma

A single mother wakes up from a coma after giving birth to twins…

She asks the doctor “Where are my babies? I want to see my babies!”

The doctor says “Not to worry, your babies are safe and at home with your brother. You had two healthy babies, one boy, and one girl, but unfortunately I do have some bad news.”

Immediately thinking the worst, the mother asks “Oh my God, what’s wrong?”

“Well, you were recovering for a long time,” the doctor says solemnly, “we had to give the children a name. Your brother chose them…”

Shocked, the mother asks “What did he name the girl?”

The doctor lets out a sigh and says “Denise.”

“Oh!” The mother says, “That’s a lovely name, what about the boy?”

The doctor places a hand on the mother’s shoulder, shaking his head he says…



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