Climb the ladder to success

A man awakes to find himself in a room with a ladder to the floor above and a $10 bill. A voice speaks “accept what is offered or climb the ladder to success.”

“$10 isn’t much” he thinks so he climbs the ladder. On the next floor he finds $1,000 in cash and a moderately attractive woman willing to become his wife. Again he hears “accept what is offered or climb the ladder to success.”

Again not satisfied, the man climbs the ladder. This time he find $50,000, a very attractive woman, the deed to a small house, and a job offer for more than twice what he’s currently making. Once again, a voice says “accept what is offered or climb the ladder to success.”

This time the man hesitates, but based on the pattern he’s seeing, he can’t help but once again go to the ladder and begins to climb. This time, he finds one million dollars in cash, bank statements showing he has a net worth north of 50 million dollars, the deed to a mansion, the keys to his dream car, and the two most beautiful women he’s ever seen. He’s about to run to them when he hears yet again, “accept what is offered, or climb the ladder to success”.

The man is torn. Everything he has ever wanted is in this room, or at least the means to acquire it. But despite that, the promise of success, something even greater than what is before him, draws him towards the ladder. He grabs the rungs and begins to pull himself upward.

This ladder is longer than the others. And as he nears the top he begins to smell a foul odor. It’s almost impossible to bear as he pulls himself onto the landing. As his eyes adjust to the darkness, he sees he’s in a mostly empty room. There is no new ladder this time. But he makes out some shape in the corner. As the shape lights a cigarette, the man realizes it’s a man who must weight at least 400 pounds and smells like he hasn’t bathed in weeks. Too exhausted from the climb to move, the man stares in horror as the mountain in the corner stands up and walks toward him, uttering just 3 words. “Hi, I’m Cess.”


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