A blonde boards a plane

A blonde boards a plane

A blonde boards a plane, flying economy. Once the plane has taken off, and the seatbelt signs have turned off, she gets up, takes her stuff, and moves a few rows forward to an unoccupied first class seat.
One of the cabin crew approaches her, and politely says “excuse me madame, but you can’t sit here. This is a first class seat, and you’ve only paid for an economy seat. I must kindly ask you to return to the seat you paid for.”

She looks up at the attendant, and quite pompously announces “I’m young, I’m beautiful, I’m flying to Los Angeles, and I want to fly first class, so I’m not moving.”
The attendant retreats, somewhat flustered. He speaks to the cabin chief, who approaches the woman and tells her the same thing: “madame, please return to the seat you bought.”
The same response… “I’m young, I’m beautiful, I’m flying to Los Angeles, and I want to fly first class. I’m not moving.”

The cabin chief speaks to the cockpit crew. The copilot smiles and says, “don’t worry – I’m married to a blonde, I know how to speak to them.” He calmly gets up and approaches the woman, asking her to move. Same response. Then he bends down and whispers something to her, whereupon she promptly gets up, takes her belongings, and returns to her original seat.

The cabin crew are stunned. The chief approaches the copilot and asks, “what the hell did you say to her?!”
“It’s quite simple really. When she said she was flying to Los Angeles, I said: yes madame, but you see, first class isn’t going to Los Angeles, only economy is.”


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