Bucket of snails

Bucket of snails

A man is asked by his wife to go out and get ingredients for dinner. Being a little bit of a cheapskate he thinks of walking down to the beach with a bucket to collect snails.

As he’s strolling down the beach picking them up the most beautiful woman in the world walks towards him. She stops and asks him about the snail picking. They hit it off and he’s swept off his feet. One thing leads to another and she takes him back to her beach house where they make passionate love for several hours.

The man wakes up in a panic, remembering his wife. He grabs the bucket and dashes back down the beach and up to his house. As he reaches the door he trips and drops the bucket and the snails go everywhere.

As he looks up his wife wrenches open the door and glares at him. Before she can open her mouth to shout at him, he looks down at the snails and says “Nearly there lads, just a few more steps to go!”


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