Four cannibals apply for a job

Four cannibals apply for a job

Four cannibals apply for a job in a big corporation.

Well“, says the boss, „if I hire you guys, you have to promise to not eat any of our staff.“

The cannibals promise that they will not eat anyone and get hired.

Everything is going well for a while, and one day the boss calls them into his office.

“You’re working well and all, but we’re missing an office cleaner. Do you have something to do with that?”

The cannibals swear that they are innocent.

The boss believes them and leaves the office and they all turn to their leader.

“You idiots!”, he screams. “Who ate the cleaner?”

One of the cannibals sheepishly raises his hand.

“You fool!”, shouts the leader. “For weeks we’ve been feasting on directors, team leaders, project managers and human resource staff, and then you go and eat someone they’ll actually miss!”


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