Bread line

A Polish man is in the bread line. A guy pops his head out and says, “sorry, but we are out of bread.” The Pole in line begins shouting: “I have lived in this country all my life! I have lived my life for Communism! Now I have no bread after waiting in line for 2 hours! What were we fighting for? Communism sucks! I hate this country!” A big fellow in a trench coat puts his arm around the man and says “comrade, comrade, please, do not go on so. Remember in the old days, what would happen to someone who said such things?” And he puts his finger to his head like it’s a gun. The old Pole goes back home, and when he opens the door, his wife says “what’s the matter? Are they out of bread?” “Worse,” says the man. “They’re out of bullets.”


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