Granny went to the bank

Granny went to the bank

Granny went to the bank to deposit her $1M

Manager: “Good morning, ma’am! That’s quite a fortune. May I ask where did it come from?”

Granny: “I have a knack in gambling. These are my winnings.”

M: “I have no doubt. However, our policies prevents us from accepting it due to anti money-laundering laws.’

G: “Don’t fret, I understand, good sir. How about a bet?”

M: “I’m sorry?”

G: “I’d bet a million dollars that your balls are squared. Like two cubes in a ballsack.”

M: “That’s nonsense! Well, okay. I accept. 1 million dollars.”

G: “Very well, I’ll come by tomorrow with my money & lawyer to have a look at those balls.”

The bank manager rushed home to double-check and inspect his testicles in the mirror. With full confidence, he can’t wait to claim his easy money.

The next day, at the bank manager’s office.

M: “Shall we get started then?”

The manager excitedly stood up, took off his belt and pants. Granny gently reached out for his balls while her lawyer witnessed the preposterous sight.

G: “Hmm.. They are indeed round. Not cubes. My mistake.”

M: “Ha! No contest at all. I believe you have my money ready?’

G: “Yes, of course.’

M: “Great! What’s wrong with your lawyer? Why does he keep banging his head to the wall? Is he okay?”

G: “Well, you see, we had a bet. 2 million dollars for an old lady to fondle a bank manager’s balls.”


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