Guy gets into cycling

After watching the Tour de France for several years running, a guy decides that he’s going to get into cycling.

So he buys himself a brand new road bike, and sets out for his first long ride. He’s pretty fit, and takes a long route over several hills. But on his way back, he finds that he’s just too tired to continue, and just can’t make it back up over those hills.

He decides to try to catch a ride back, but traffic is light, and nobody stops. Finally a guy in a Porsche pulls over and agrees to give him a ride. Despite his good intentions, the driver soon discovers that the bike doesn’t fit in his car. “I have an idea,” he says. “I have a rope in the back of my car, so I’ll tie one end to my back bumper, and the other end to your bike. If I’m going too fast, just ring the bell on your bike, and I’ll slow down.”

Off they go, and everything goes fine for the first 20 miles or so. Our friend driving the Porsche regularly checks his mirrors to make sure that our cyclist is doing okay, but all is well, so the driver puts on some music, and starts to relax.

He’s just enjoying the scenery, tapping his hands to the music, when a Corvette blows by him at over 80 miles an hour. Completely forgetting the cyclist he is towing, the Porsche driver instantly puts his foot on the gas to give chase, quickly accelerating to over 90 miles an hour.

Down the road a police officer has set up a speed trap, and is clocking traffic with a speed gun. In complete disbelief, he phones in to his superior back at the station. “You’re not going to believe this, but I just clocked a Corvette and Porsche speeding through a 40 zone at over 90 miles an hour,” he says. “And that’s not even the amazing part. Right behind them there’s an incredible guy on a bike, ringing his bell, trying to pass!”


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