Miami-based luxury bikini line

Miami-based luxury bikini line

An unemployed guy sees an ad in the paper that says “Photographer wanted for Miami based luxury bikini line”. Thinking it to be a joke, the guy calls the number in the ad.

“Hello,” he says. “Is that photographer ad a joke?”

“No,” says the voice on the other line. “One of our photographers died suddenly last week, and we’re looking for a new one.”

“Cool! I’ve been looking for a new job for a while, and this seems like it could be a very fine job for me.”
“Great! Are you married? Our models tend to get uncomfortable when they have pictures taken by married men.”

“No, I’m single.”

“Nice! Are you able to control yourself around women?”

“I am more than able!”

“Wonderful! Do you have a passport? We sometimes do shoots in exotic locations.”

“I do have a passport!”

“I’m delighted to say that you are qualified for the job! How quickly can you get to Vermont?”

“Vermont?! I thought you were based in Miami!”

“We are. Vermont is where the line for the interview starts.”


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