Interview with the oldest man

Interview with the oldest man

A TV crew went to interview the oldest man living in a small village. “Can you tell us what was the happiest moment you can remember?”

“That was when Mary Ann Jones got lost on the hills over there. We organized a search party and when we found her we were so happy that we had a special celebration, everybody got drunk and all the men in the village screwed Mary Ann Jones.”

“Well, we can’t publish a story like that, can you tell us about any other happy moment?”

“When Mike Miller’s goat got lost on the hills, we organized a search party. When we found her, we celebrated, everybody got drunk and we all screwed Mike Miller’s goat!”

“Okay, enough of happy endings, can you tell us what was the saddest day in this village?”

“Well that would be the time when I got lost on the hills…”


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