Two poor country girls are broke and decide to do some nude modeling. Cindy has posed for the photographer before so she knows the process.

The photographer invites them into his studio and offers them a drink. Darlene, being nervous, asks Cindy “whass that there in that jug?”.

The reply is “thass moonshine to help us get loose”. They drink.

The photographer opens a large camera case. “Whass he doing now?” asks Darlene. Cindy responds “he gettin’ his cammer set up”.

The photographer gets the big box camera set up on a tripod, attaches the curtain, then starts to get underneath said curtain.

Darlene having no idea how a camera works asks “whass he doin’ now?”. Cindy tells her ” he gon focus”. Darlene, in a shocked tone asks:



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