Deep in the Australian bush

Deep in the Australian bush a lizard and a koala are sitting in a large gum smoking a joint. They’re having a blast. Eventually the lizard says, “Dude, my mouth is so dry. I’m going to get a drink at the river.” So he climbs down the tree, makes his way through the bush and when he arrives at the river he leans in to drink but slips and falls in! A passing croc seems him floundering and nuzzles him onto the bank.

“What are you doing in my river?” Grumbles the crocodile.

“Oh koala and I are smoking joints in a gum and I just needed a drink.” Says lizard.

“What! Cannabis in MY bushland? I’m going to go have a word with that no good koala.” So he climbs out of the river, walks through the bush and when he finds the gum he looks up and shouts, “Oi! Koala!” The squinting koala gazes down at him in surprise.

“Whoa dude!” Exclaims the koala, “How much water did you drink?”


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