An old couple goes out for lunch

An old couple goes out for lunch

An old couple goes out for lunch. They order one burger, one small fry, and one drink. The man gets an extra cup and pours half of the drink into the other cup, gets a plastic knife and cuts the burger in half, and dumps out the fries and divides them.

I noticed and asked if they needed a few bucks to buy another meal. The old man said, “No sir, we share everything. Split it all right down the middle. Always have since the day we were married.”
I said “Fair enough, it seems to be working out for you.” Then I noticed that the lady was almost finished eating and the man hadn’t even touched his food. I told him “You might want to dig in before it gets cold.” He smiled and said “I will in a moment, it’s my wife’s turn with the dentures.”


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