Age Gap

A wealthy, never-been-wed 80-year-old man marries a beautiful 24-year-old blonde. All of his friends agree to meet for breakfast in the same five-star hotel in which he is spending his first wedding night, just to see his reaction.

They expect him to come down for breakfast in the elevator, most likely in a wheelchair.
But to their surprise, he walks down the broad staircase looking dapper, and as refreshed as a 25-year-old man. He waves at them and sits down for coffee to await his bride’s appearance.

Forty minutes later she staggers down the stairs, barely able to walk across the marble floor to his table. His friends are shocked by her obviously physically-wrecked condition.

When the gentleman excuses himself and leisurely heads for the restroom, they rush to her to see what happened to her.

She looks up at them with a distraught face, “He told me he’s been saving up for sixty years; I thought he was talking about money!”


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