The Little Research Lab Bunny

The Little Research Lab Bunny

One morning at the research lab, an assistant accidentally left a cage open while cleaning and a little bunny rabbit escaped when he wasn’t looking. The little bunny rabbit followed the assistant out of the room, down the hallway, and right out the door.

The little bunny rabbit looked around in amazement; he’d been born in a cage, he’d never seen the outside before! He hopped over onto the grass, feeling it under his little bunny feet for the first time. He hopped down into a meadow, bewildered at all the new experiences: the grass, the blue sky, the fresh air…
“Hiya, pal! You’re new around here!” The little bunny rabbit turned at the sound to see another little bunny rabbit. This meadow bunny didn’t look sickly like the other bunnies in the lab, though. He looked strong and healthy.

“Y-yes, I, uh, just got here.”

The meadow bunny smiled and said, “Well, come with me, pal. I’ll show you around!” He led the little bunny rabbit to a wide field that was covered in small purple flowers. “This is our clover field, help yourself and eat as much as you’d like.”

Hesitantly, the little bunny rabbit took a bite. It was delicious! “Oh, my! This is so much better than the pellets they fed me in the lab!” He ate and ate until he could eat no more.

The meadow bunny said, “I’ll bet you’re thirsty! Come on, let’s get you a drink.” He led the little bunny rabbit to a burbling stream. “As you can see, the water never stops. Whenever you’re thirsty, come and drink all you’d like.”

The little bunny rabbit took a drink. It was the sweetest water he’d ever tasted! “My,” said the little bunny rabbit. “This water is so refreshingly cold, and it doesn’t taste like plastic!” He drank until his thirst was quenched.

“Come with me,” said the meadow bunny. “I want to introduce you to everyone.” And he led the little bunny rabbit to a clearing where dozens of girl bunnies leaped about and played. He introduced the little bunny rabbit to the girl bunnies, who all were very excited to meet him. And so that is how the little bunny rabbit spent his first afternoon of freedom: eating sweet clover, drinking cold fresh water, and frolicking with the girl bunnies.

The western sky was reddening and the shadows of the trees were stretching long across the clearing when the meadow bunny hopped up to the little bunny rabbit and said, “Friend, you look tired! Come with me and I’ll show you where you can sleep.”

The little bunny rabbit said, “Thank you, new friend. You and all the others have been very kind, but I must go now.”

Astonished, the meadow bunny said, “But– why?”
“I gotta get back to the lab,” said the little bunny rabbit. “I’m dyin’ for a smoke.”


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