Out of beer

Out of beer

A man is wandering deep in the forest when he comes upon a strange looking pub…

The man walks inside and is immediately greeted by the barkeep.

“What can I get you?” the barkeep asks.

“I’ll just have a beer,” the man replies.

“Unfortunately, the guy who just left drank our last beer,” the barkeep says. “However, I do have another drink I can offer you… the Elixir of the Forest Elves.”

“What’s that?” the man inquires.

“Ah,” the barkeep responds. “It’s a potent mix of dragon blood, unicorn hair, and fairy tears.”
The man thinks for a moment. “Alright, I’ll try one of those.”

The barkeep gets to work behind the bar, mixing the mystical ingredients: lights flash, colors change, smoke billows. He returns with a goblet, its contents bubbling out of the sides.

Intrigued, the man takes a nervous sip.

“Jesus Christ,” the man exclaims. “That tastes horrible.”

“No shit,” says the barkeep. “Why do you think the last guy drank all the beer?


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