Man was traveling

Man was traveling

A man was traveling through the desert on a camel. For three days everything was going well until the man realized that he was lost. He had plenty of supplies but couldn’t find his way to the village he was headed to. After a week in the desert he began to become very lonely and “took care” of himself.

Another day passed and he became more and more desperate. At night, when he camped, he started to look at his camel and thought to himself…”Nobody is around to judge me.” He decided hed take a chance with the camel, but the camel wasn’t having him and swung her head around to knock the man back.

Frustrated, the man accepted the situation and went to sleep. A few days later, he was still lost and decided he would try with the camel again. The camel swung her head around and hit the man down again. Angry, the man continued on his journey.

The next day the man happened across a lush oasis filled with water, flowers, fruit, and shade. In the center of the spring was a group of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. They were bathing naked and the man became very aroused and couldn’t believe his eyes. The women hadn’t seen a man for a long time and welcomed him with massages and clear, crisp, water. One of the women leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

“We can make all of your fantasies come true. Tell us, what do you want most?”
The man thought about it and said “well its very naughty…”

The women giggled and the lead woman smiled and said “its ok baby, whatever you want is yours.”
He hesitated before saying:

“Well if you insist. Can one of you hold this camel’s head?”


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