Age gap shenanigans

Age gap shenanigans

An older man and young woman are both sitting at a bar, separately enjoying their drinks. The man catches the young lass smiling at him, so he moves to the seat next to her snd offers to buy her a drink. She accepts.

They continue to converse for quite a while. The conversation flowing effortlessly. Eventually, the woman tells the man that her place is close by, and she has a bottle of wine they can share and keep the conversation going.

Once at her place, the sparks begin to fly. She never thought she’d be so attracted to an older man. But he’s handsome, funny, and just seems like a good guy. And the gentleman can’t believe such a beautiful young woman is showing such interest in him. His confidence is through the roof.
Things take another turn as the pair take the party to her bedroom. After the intimate deed is done, they are laying in bed.

The man props himself up on his elbow and says, “I must apologize. If I knew you were a virgin, I would have taken things slower. A nice dinner. A show. Just a nice time out on the town”.
The woman props herself up on her elbow. “I need to apologize too. If I knew you could still get it up, I would’ve taken my underwear off!”


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