Joke of the Day: Elderly Married Couple

An elderly married couple stands at the counter at the local burger joint. The man orders a deluxe burger, large fries, and a cup of decaf. The counter clerk turns to the woman and asks her what she would like.

Oh, nothing for me, deary. My husband and I share everything.’

The clerk hits a key on the register and tells the couple that the cost of the meal is $4.98.

The old man reaches into his pockets and pulls out a handful of coins. Slowly and carefully, without a penny to spare, he counts out the exact amount and hands it to the cashier.

A young man standing behind the couple watches this. As the clerk assembles the couple’s order, he leans forward and says, I’d be honored to buy you another burger and fries.

The old man turns to the young man and says, Thank you, but my wife and I share everything.

The old man carries the tray of food to a table and they sit. Carefully, he cuts the burger in half, divides the fries into two equal portions, and passes half of the food to the woman. He sets the decaf in the center of the table so they can both reach it. Then he begins to eat.

A few minutes later, the young man sits down at the table next to them. As he gobbles down his food, he notices that, while the elderly man eats, the woman is quietly sipping decaf. When he looks at her food, he sees that she hasn’t eaten a single bite. Again, he leans toward the couple and says, I really would be honored to buy you another meal.’

The old man says, No, thank you. We share everything, and calmly resumes eating.

I just hate to see you go hungry, the young man laments to the woman.

Oh, I’m not going hungry, the old woman says. I’m waiting for the teeth.


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