Joke of the Day: in Heaven

Three men die and go to heaven. They meet St. Peter at the gates.

St. Peter calls up the first man. He says, “Heaven’s a big place. I’ll give you a car. How nice the car is will depend on your faithfulness to your spouse on Earth. You were not very faithful. I will give you a station wagon.”

St. Peter calls up the second man. He says the same thing. He gives the man a midsize car, because the man was pretty faithful to his spouse.

St. Peter calls up the third man. He repeats what he said before and gives this man a Ferrari because he was very faithful to his spouse.

One week later, the three men all meet each other at a stop light in heaven. The first 2 men notice that the third, in his Ferrari, is crying. They ask him why.

He replies, “I just passed my wife. She was riding a skateboard.”


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