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Joke of the Day: Old Miser

An old miser was on his deathbed. Because of his obsession with money, he didn’t have any friends, so surrounding him were his priest, his doctor, and his lawyer. He said to them, “They say you can’t take it with you, but I want to prove them wrong. Each of you take one of these envelopes. They each contain $30,000. After they put me in the ground, before they throw the dirt on, throw these envelopes in my grave.” They agree to do just that.

At the funeral, after they threw the envelopes in, they were having a chat. The priest said, “You know, I’m not feeling so great about what I just did. I need to confess something. We’re building a new church, you see, and we needed some extra money. So I took out $10,000 and threw the rest in.” The doctor says, “I too have a confession to make. We’re building a new hospital, and I took $20,000 out for that project.” After hearing this, the lawyer says, “Gentlemen, I am ashamed in you both. How could you do such a thing? I’ll have you know I threw in a check for the full amount!”


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