Joke of the Day: Leave work early

Two men are bullshitting at work, when the one says, “I’m gonna try to get out of work early today, I’ll act like I’m crazy.” The other man shrugs and tells him to go for it, so he does; he just starts hooping and hollering, banging on all the machinery, and finally climbing up the rafters shouting “Look at me I’m a light bulb! I’m a light bulb!”

The foreman, upon finally seeing the source of the ruckus, tells the man to go home, and that he’s crazy. The man goes back to his work station, escorted by the foreman, and starts packing his things while giving his buddy a wink.

The other man starts packing up his things as well, and the foreman asks him what he’s doing. The man simply replies, “Well I can’t work if there’s no lights.”


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