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Joke of the Day: Lie-detecting robot

A man decides to buy a lie-detecting robot that slaps people who lie, and decided to test it out on his son at Dinner.

“Did you go to school today, Jim?” asks the father.

“Yes,” replies the son, “I, did go to school” The Robot slaps him. “FINE, I went to the movies!

“Which one did you see?” the Father proceeds to ask.

“Toy Store 3” mumbled the son. Once again, the robot slaps him. “FINE! I saw an R-Rated film!”

“When we were your age, we would be killed if we watched an R-rated film! Heck, we didn’t even know what those were at the time!” yells the father. The robot slaps him.

The mother laughs and says “Haha, after all, he IS your son.” The robot slaps her as well.


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