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Woman steps in front of a bus

A woman steps in front of a bus and dies instantly. She finds herself at the pearly gates, being greeted by God himself.
He looks the woman up and down, and says “Hm… Strange. It’s not your time! I’m sending you back.”

“Sending me back? How long until it IS my time?” she asks.

“Worry not, my child. You have many, many more years until it is your time. You will live until the ripe old age of 108!”
She’s sent back to Earth and pops into her miraculously repaired body. She gets up, dusts herself off, and with a huge smile on her face immediately heads to the plastic surgeon. She proceeds to get a face lift, a tummy tuck, hair implants and more. “If I’m going to live to the old age of 108, I might as well look my best!” she happily thought.
After all the surgeries and cosmetic procedures and makeovers, she looks STUNNING. Beautiful pouty lips and a tiny waist and long luscious hair. She walks out of the salon and BAM. She’s hit by a bus and dies instantly.
Once again, she is at the pearly gates and again, is greeted by God.
“What in the world was that?!” she exclaims, “You said I was supposed to live until 108!”
God looks her up and down and says “Well I didn’t recognize you!”


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