Three sailors are discussing their cargo

Three sailors are discussing their cargo

They are used to transporting goods and make a good living doing so, this time however they’ve been tasked with taking 300 boxes of penis shaped potatoes across the channel and they all think it’s a joke.

“We’ll be a laughing stock” says the first sailor.

“I’ll never be able to live it down” says the second.

“Let’s tell the captain that we’ve decided not to go” says the third.

Headstrong they head to the captains quarters to voice their displeasure and inform him of their decision.

The captain hears them out but ultimately disagrees and informs them that they’ll be going ahead with the journey.

“But we’ve got you outvoted 3 to 1” the sailors cried in unison.

“You fools” said the captain “you’re all forgetting one thing!”
“What’s that?” Exclaimed the sailors.

The captain stood tall and addressed them powerfully.

“That this isn’t a democracy…”

“It’s a dick tater ship!”


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