Kelly, Elena and Sally

Three women named Kelly, Elena and Sally, our blonde protagonist, attempted to rob the local bank.

Kelly explained the plan to both of them. They went through it once again and then left for the bank.

While Sally went inside the bank, Elena waited in the driver’s seat and Kelly was leaning against the back of their van.

A few moments later when the siren sounded, Kelly opened the back door and jumped into the van, ready for Sally to arrive.

Sally runs out with a bomb in one hand and a rope in the other with a safe tied to it tugging along. A guard with his pants down was running behind her.

Sally tried but couldn’t get the safe into the van. At last, Kelly shouted, “Leave it ! Get in !” Sally gets in and they rush out.

After reaching safety, Kelly began shouting, “What were you thinking ?! What was that all about ?! I think I told ….. Sally YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TIE THE GUARD AND BLOW THE SAFE !”


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