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She could use some company

Guy tells hours wife he’s going out for cigarettes. He gets his smokes and waiting to pay when the woman in front of him turns and says, “I just broke up with my boyfriend…I could use some company…”

The dude mulls it over and decides to go home with her. They have sex and he falls asleep…

At 3AM, he wakes in a panic knowing his wife is going to be furious… He yells at the woman, “Where’s your baby powder?” Confused, she says, “Top shelf of the medicine cabinet!”

He puts it all over his hands and hurries home. Sure enough, his wife is waiting up, pissed to no end. He says, “Baby, I went to get smokes and this hot chick came on to me and I’m just a man and I gave in. We fucked and I passed out and just woke up…”

She says, “Show me your hands!” He holds them out, covered in baby powder and she says, “You lying bastard! You were playing pool all night!”


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