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Oldie but a goodie

There are four people on a small plane heading north over Canada. The pilot, Trump , the pope and a random backpacker. Suddenly the engine starts emitting black smoke and dies.

As the plane slowly starts to fall the pilot rips open a compartment with three parachutes, takes one and shouts something about “needing to fly more planes “ jumping out of the plane deploying his parachute on the way down Trump does he same after giving a short lecture on how America’s best president had priorities -weird hand thing – “far above the normal person “ After he jumps the pope turned to the backpacker and saying a quick prayer told the backpacker that he should take the parachute and jump.

The pope said he was safe in gods hands and had lived a long and successful life. The backpacker waited respectfully for the pope to finish and then said “That’s alright. The worlds greatest president just jumped out of a plane with my backpack! “


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